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Reseller Manager Plugin

Nam Tran Ybarra @ July 6, 2008


Use this plugin to allow your member/JV partners… to give away a membership to get leads, allow them to sell a membership and get 100% commission to their Paypal account. If they give away a free membership, and the customer upgrades, purchases OTO..they still can get 100% commission instantly to their Paypal account. It’s a powerful tool.

Step 1: Decide who can become your reseller

1.1 Go to Membership Manager, pick a membership and enable :IS RESELLER : YES

1.2 Make sure to turn on that option in Navigation as well so member can get access to the reseller link


After you’ve done with the setting. Temporary Inactive this link category.

Step 2: Decide what can they( reseller) sell or give away

2.1 Go to Reseller Manager



2.2 Back to navigation, activate the Reseller Tools Area link. Then go to your site, sign up as a member and check out the process. If you see anything you want to edit such as reseller term, policy, license file, promotion ad…go back to Reseller Manager and click on the appropriate section to change.

That’s it :-)

Nam Tran Ybarra

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